Trump is President

Listen to the sorrowful cries of young mothers!

Hear the heartbreak of the immigrants who need our help!

…and the Mexicans who are going to lose what little money they have!

We’ve elected a conniving business man to be our president!

Never before has our once just nation reached such a low!

Never before have we had such depraved leadership!

Never before have we turned away those in need!

Or so deprived women of their inherent rights!

He will scare away every single ally we have!

He might even trade intelligence to other regimes in exchange for more money!*

He has no right to the office!

I mean, who even thought it was a good idea to put him in charge?

I thought this was a democracy!

The People do not support this decision!

Nor do the countless well-informed celebrities who traveled with Clinton…

How can we know what Trump will do?

He’s the President now! He can do whatever he wants!

For all we know, he could start building walls everywhere!

Mexico may not be enough; he might build a wall on the border between Canada and Ohio too!

There will be no stopping him!

Trump is going to destroy our country!!!

…Through no fault of our own

I wonder, maybe we could kick the state of Washington out of the USA after Trump is inaugurated and moved into the White House…

Then he wouldn’t be a part of the country anymore!

If that happens, it will give us all the chance to put this beloved country on the right track-

And elect Hillary Clinton…




*All he has to do is put a bunch of classified documents on his private email server!

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