Regardless of What You Are Thinking Right Now, You’re Wrong

There is absolute truth

Then there is individual perception and interpretation of absolute truth

THEN there is individual perception and interpretation of one’s surroundings to come to a conclusion about the nature and identity of absolute truth

Which is then examined by another

Who then interprets that theory through their own individual perspective

As soon as man attempts to conceive and understand absolute truth, it is warped and destroyed

Absolute truth is infinite and beautiful

Cramming it into the finite human mind makes it unnaturally contained and unbeautiful

Remember the dress?

That was easily explained by science

Truth verses perspective is not simply a question of science


Because everything science tells us about the question is heard and understood by each individual through their own unique perspective

Which begs more questions that science cannot answer

Thus, we get doods like Bill Nye and Ken Ham looking at the same data and coming to completely different conclusions

They perceived the same things to have different implications

And consequently came to different conclusions about the nature and identities of certain absolute truths

Neither of them is completely correct

No one ever is


There are timeless, infinite things which the human mind can never fathom

No universal mathesis will ever cram absolute truth inside mans’ thick skulls

No thanks, Descartes

This begs a lot of questions


Like if truth is beautiful, but incomprehensible, do we know true beauty as humans?

What is art, if we cannot grasp truth nor beauty?

What is the purpose of philosophy and science, if truth is out of reach?

Are hot people not actually hot?

All good questions!

Stay tuned

3 thoughts on “Regardless of What You Are Thinking Right Now, You’re Wrong

  1. Very interesting! Now here’s a thought off of your thought on art– we try to create art, but (from a Christian view) when you think about it, this world is art, and we are inspired by it, but can never come up with something else new besides what is. We base art off of something already created. We aren’t original. Nobody can create something that they’ve never seen in a certain shape already; you can’t create a *new* color, you can’t draw a being with something *new*. (You can only base it off what we’ve already seen– eyes nose, mouth, limbs. You can decrease or increase creation though. You can make a paint color brighter or duller with water, you can weave a cotton thinner or thicker in in a shirt. My thought is just there’s just no way to CREATE. We can make but not CREATE. I just think that’s also proof of the fact that we have finite minds. Super neat to read your blog blog and get thoughts like this off of it.

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    1. Hey jejoch, thanks for commenting! Yes,I think you have a good point. You have obviously read Ecclesiastes, or have some knowledge of those concepts. There seems to be a connection between a human’s finite mind and the different perspective that they inevitably have, which shows that if there is a God, by virtue of being God, God has no “perspective”, or jaded lense through which he can view everything. Thus, he can create, but we can only make. I’m glad you enjoy my blog!


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